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We understand that selling your property is the most important part of any new project. The property needs to be marketed correctly and placed in front of as many eyes as possible, both potenital buyers as well as new partner agents.

If you are a developer or builder and want to sell your new property, Gold Coast New Property web platform allows you to add and promote your properties.

You have the option of promoting your own proeprties or alowing us to use our selling network to create leads and convert them to sale son your behalf. We only sell new property and are good at it. When you ad your listings, you will be asked if you wish to promote them directly or allow us to do it for you. When you choose us as your sales agent we not only receive enquries direct from buyers through the website, but also through our partner networks who we happily conjunct with and help them sell your property. When you add you property we will contact you, introduce ourselves and fill out the required Form 6 to get started selling for you.

To get started simply click the Submit Property link at the top of the page. From there, simply fill out the form that will format your listing. You can add up to 10 images, full description, features and inclusions, floor plans, even videos to help move your stock. Once your listing is approved it will appear on the homepage as Latest Listing and also added to our weekly newsletter as a New Property